Claire was born and grew up at the foot of the Alps in Switzerland, of Irish, English and Polish descent. She’s now been in the UK for 15 years.

Her debut album Those Thousand Seas, produced by legendary producer Mike Hedges, attracted an international independent following.

“Tchaikowski has this rare ability to draw us into the singer’s private emotional terrain, with stories that feel like she’s been eavesdropping on the listener’s hopes and heartaches.”
Steven Gaydos, Executive Editor of VARIETY, USA

“In Those Thousand Seas, listeners are presented with ten exquisite songs that are a wonderful blend of musicianship, poetics and passion. The effect is akin to swimming through a 200-proof cocktail (…) The title track wasn’t playing for more than sixty seconds before I was being pulled in two directions; on the one hand, bliss, but on the other, an upsurge of adrenaline. This dichotomy continued for every minute of the album (…) The last time I had such a reaction to an album was with work by Peter Gabriel.” Scott G, Music Industry Newswire, USA

The debut album those in the know have been waiting for“. Brit Awards judge Paul Cole

Now settled in Bristol UK, Claire is recording her second solo album, having just finished recording and arranging vocals for composer/producer Neil Davidge’s score of Halo 4, due for release on November 6th 2012 (Soundtrack release October 22nd 2012).